IVO system providing smart technology for greenhouse growers.

IVO system providing smart technology for greenhouse growers.

On the 8th of October Hoogendoorn Growth Management introduced their new evolutionary process computer. The IIVO system provides smart technology for greenhouse growers. A combination of smart software and state of the art hardware. This truly unique system is capable of monitoring, controlling and maintaining any greenhouse. Allowing you to grow more, at higher quality while using less resources.
Always up to date with IIVO

With online updates, new software is automatically installed. The IIVO is continuously up-to-date. Thanks to our highly-secured software your settings and data will be saved with a Cloud Back-Up. All your data is completely secured. With evolutionary software and future-orientated hardware, IIVO ensures extremely fast operation and is user-friendly. Your system is accessible anywhere in the world, via any devices of your choosing. You are always in control of your greenhouse operations.
The modular industrial hardware is completely scalable. This guarantees precision and reliability. You are able to operate all your greenhouse processes with only one device. With the open interface, you connect every industrial sensor available.
With IIVO you easily manage the most complex greenhouse projects. IIVO provides you with a clear overview of all greenhouse processes. Representations of your greenhouse, crop sections, installations and technical room are mapped. Using visualizations and graphs makes operating your greenhouse easy.

Growing more with less
IIVO uses its predictive powers to create the ideal climate conditions for your crop by combining sensor generated data, weather predictions and past learnings. The system responds pro-actively to maintain a stable and uniform growth climate, which maximizes the yield and quality of a crop, and ensures the most efficient usage of natural resources.
In order to grow, plants need regular irrigation and a steady supply of nutrients. IIVO´s drag and drop function makes it possible to easily set and manage irrigation strategies using preferred start conditions. You can initiate irrigation cycles per valve on time, radiation, slab weight, water content and drainage.
Water conditions are balanced and managed by integrated sensors. This provides crops with the perfect amount of moisture and nutrients when they need it.
IIVO is easily integrated with energy sources including: boilers, co-generation, biomass, thermal, solar and wind energy. This ensures the most efficient use of heating and CO2 according to the specific energy demands of your crop.
At the core of the IIVO are the principles of Plant Empowerment. A unique method combining plant physiology and physics, resulting in a higher yield and better quality crops. An optimal balance of energy, water and assimilates creates stronger, healthier crops that are less susceptible to pests and diseases. A crop-specific approach, that gives every crop exactly what it needs.
Crop recipes
One of IIVO distinctive features are its crop recipes. Crop recipes allows you to save a group of settings in the Crop Recipes library. You can create crop recipes for the different seasons and crop stages. Creating an optimum growth climate for your crop in each stage of his growth cycle. Combine the saved crop recipes and include transitions periods, to create your plants’ crop strategy
Local service
Together with partner Bosman van Zaal, Hoogendoorn has a wealth of horticultural experience in various African countries. We help you as a grower to always be a step ahead and get the maximum out of your greenhouse or open field. Together with a diversity of partners we have been involved in a range of projects in Africa in collaboration with local authorities.
Bosman van Zaal supplies local service and support for growers and installs the systems at your greenhouse. They also provide maintenance service, crop-focused and user training, and technical support to customers. With Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Bosman van Zaal as partners a long term investment and partnership is key.

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