Grekkon Limited marks great milestones in 2020

Grekkon Limited marks great milestones in 2020

Grekkon Limited has over time proven itself as the go-to firm for all irrigation solutions. Providing water pumps, borehole drilling services, damliners, greenhouses, solar dryers and more, to the farmers in the region.

The year 2020 has been a great year, as the firm has grown its reach in the region and is gearing up to launching two new outlets; in Meru and Kisumu, early in the New Year.

Towards the last quarter of this year, the company set out to visit some of the customers across the country to get some feedback on the products and services that they received from Grekkon.

Grekkon Limited gets its customers not only in Kenya, but from across Africa, including Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania and Nigeria. The company is currently headquartered in Nairobi.

One farmer in Meru, who found out about the firm through Google, then procured a drip irrigation kit from Grekkon, is now harvesting onions, targeted at the Nairobi market. Another newbie farmer in Nyahururu, who previously did not know about damliners, was excited about the abundant supply of water in the farm, after the damliner was successfully put up.

Some of the projects this year included: installing tens of Solar Dryers in Homa Bay County; the Nairobi Metropolitan area, where the company has put up greenhouses and irrigation systems; Kilifi Plantation, where the company put up irrigation systems; the Rift valley region, where Grekkon has put up damliners and irrigation systems for hundreds of farmers. Grekkon Limited also put up misters for numerous KTDA tea factories in Central Kenya.

As we approach the New Year, the plan is to grow even further, provide the best services and products to even more farmers. As the company’s mission states, we will work with growers to create long lasting Agricultural solutions.

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