About Us

Hortfresh Journal is a premier horticultural magazine in Kenya, published by Tech Era Enterprise Limited that highlights issues in horticulture industry at both national and international level.

The eclectic coverage sets pace in highlighting best horticultural farming practices; publishing features, techniques, products as well as articles that are obliging and current in relation to growing bountiful and health flowers, fruits and vegetables.


With growing print-run of 6,000 copies and soft copy availability via website, the readership portfolio translates to over 100,000 readers per issue.It ultimately is a magazine For Leads in Horticulture; connecting to exemplary products, markets, views, and opinions of the horticultural sector.

Our Vision
Becoming an international leading edge horticultural journal.

Our Mission
To provide quality, informative and cost effective horticultural forum.


In tandem with our motto ‘For leads in horticulture’, Hortfresh Journal objectives revolves around growers, exporters, consumers, input/ service providers of horticulture industry. The objectives include:

  • To create linkages between farmers and auxiliary services providers
  • To provide information transfer on latest technology, news and trends in horticulture industry
  • To articulate on researches and modern horticultural farming methods
  • To aid stakeholders on issues of efficiency, product quality and safety
  • To provide leading edge information to problems facing horticulture industry in the region

Hortfresh Journal is readers driven and packaged to inspire many in the field of horticulture. Topics such as Quality, Standards, Biotechnology, Plants Tissue Culture, Integrated Pest Management, Greenhouse Farming, Water Harvesting, Summer Flowers, Post Harvesting, Soil Quality, Health Digest and Inspiration among others are some of the contents featured.


Hortfresh Journal is bi-monthly produced and circulated to the stakeholders of the horticultural industry including:

  • Flower propagators and growers
  • Farm inputs & Equipment manufacturers
  • Horticultural farmers (Small Scale & Large scale)
  • Fresh produce exporters
  • Packaging industries
  • Quality analysis & Standards Regulatory bodies
  • Cargo Clearing and forwarding firms
  • Agrochemical manufactures
  • Insurance firms
  • Banks
  • Motor vehicle industries
  • Government agencies and ministries
  • Foreign diplomatic missions
  • Among others.

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Please contact Carol, info@hortfreshjournal.com +254 723 308 725

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