Valentine Celebrations gain acceptance

Valentine Celebrations gain acceptance

Valentine is here with us again. This celebration of love has not only become stylish among lovers but also has gained acceptance with populace. It’s a season that is globally associated with large volume sales of flowers especially the red varieties hence a business boom to growers and retailers of roses.


For growers this year’s Valentine has been projected as the time to recover from the preceding one which fell on a Sunday. Many flower growers and florists are expecting to increase their volumes as well as prices as the demand scales up.


Over the years, Kenya has been considered as a major household of growing and exporting cut flowers globally. It is in no doubt that for every flower assortment that will be purchased during this period, most of them will be from this country.


Presenting a loved one with a flower depicts a sign of adoration and romance. Flowers are habitually used by mankind to provide an allure that transcends the season and evoke emotions.


Valentine is largely celebrated on the 14th February of every year. It is the day different people from all over the world celebrate their feelings of fondness to their loved ones, and a special romantic gift on this day is undeniably flowers.


As the wave of love sweeps on, the occasion has gained acceptance such that during the Valentine day Nairobi town for instance, experience a whirr of activities, while most people wear clothes that are red in colour. Various streets are decorated with red roses, red clothes, cards, confectionaries among other emotionally ecstatic goodies for sale.


Offices and various institutions receive impromptu visitors who are armed with bouquets of flowers to surprise their loved ones just for a reminder of their fondness towards them.


This season has actually evolved magnificently. It’s not only lovers who embrace this day but even children do purchase flowers to their parents as a show of affection and appreciation for their up-bringing.


Religious organizations like churches, mosques on the other hand celebrate this occassion with their congregation in special ways by finding the right theme, inviting appropriate speakers, presenting a rose to each member of the flock as well as organizing fun activities for couples, single people and children.


In addition, those in the retail business usually capitalize on this day to attract more potential clients by placing up promotional adverts, giving flowers to all customers who buy from their premises and having special offers just for this occasion.


In conclusion, always remember, Valentine’s Day is for all of us. So be kind and generous, reciprocate the affection you receive, and be thankful that you are loved.

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