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Roses are Renowned for Beauty Amidst Numerous Functions

Hortfresh Journal- July 15, 2024

Kenyan rose farms use advanced horticultural practices to produce these high-quality roses, which are highly sought in international markets Read More

Nyandarua Farmers Embrace Chamomile Herb Farming

Hortfresh Journal- July 9, 2024

A decade now, Mr Elijah Kimani from Kipipili Constituency, Nyandarua County has no intention of diverting from chamomile herbs farming Read More

UK Suspension of Tariffs, A Blossoming Opportunity for Kenya

Hortfresh Journal- July 8, 2024

United Kingdom(UK) recently announced the suspension of tariffs on flower exports from Kenya a move anticipated to boost sales Read More

Why Shade Nets are important to today’s farming

Hortfresh Journal- July 8, 2024

Shade Nets are beneficial since they help to create an optimum growing climate because with the use of Reflective Shade Nets Read More

Lauren International Flowers, A 25-Year Legacy of Sustainability

Hortfresh Journal- July 8, 2024

Lauren International Flowers has emerged unscathed, resilient amidst tempests that have compelled others to shutter operations. Read More

Kikwetu Flowers; 5 Years of Producing Timeless Roses with Love

Hortfresh Journal- July 5, 2024

Kikwetu Flowers came into existence in 2019 and is a family business that is owned and run by 4 family members. Read More

IFTEX Cultivating Global Connections in the Flower Industry

Hortfresh Journal- July 4, 2024

IFTEX offers invaluable insights into evolving market trends and consumer preferences, empowering industry players to stay ahead of the curve. Read More

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