Three different greenhouse concepts For small to mid size farmers in Kenya

Three different greenhouse concepts For small to mid size farmers in Kenya

Investing in greenhouses is smart, as they protect crops from bad weather conditions. Greenhouses will allow for year round production so you can plan crops for times when vegetables are in short supply and expensive. Growing vegetables in greenhouses is more sustainable, consuming less water and fertilizers, while easier control on pest and diseases will save you money.
Three different greenhouse concepts have been designed to show the possibilities for producing high quality vegetables at high production levels. The modular set-up allows smaller, start-up farmers to start at a more basic technology setting while offering opportunities for larger, more experienced growers to invest in the next level of greenhouse production technology. The 3 demo modules are being demonstrated at the demo-site at Latia Resource Center since December 2015.
Being one of the most important vegetable crops in Kenya tomatoes have been selected as the demonstration crop. Apart from improved productivity, attention is focused on safe working conditions, efficient use of input and safe and healthy food with minimal use of pesticides.
Video ‘Growing Solutions Kenya at Latia Resource Center’
Managing Director of the Latia Resource Center, Mr. Peter Muthee speaks about the three different greenhouse production systems in a video.
You can watch the video via the Hoogendoorn Channel on YouTube or by searching ‘Growing Solutions Kenya at Latia Resource Center’.
Direct link to the video about Latia Resource Center :
Growing Solutions Kenya Greenhouse modules
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The BASIC module.

The Basic greenhouse module creates a good growing climate with a gutter height at 4 m and a fixed ventilation window at the top of the greenhouse. Sides are open and covered with insect netting. The internal frame is strong enough to support the crop load. The production is soil based with manual application of water and fertilizerthrough drip lines.

The PLUS module.

In the Plus module the greenhouse construction is the same as in the Basic module with the option to open and close the top vent and the side walls manually. Unlike the basic module the water and fertilizer application is automated with the FertiMiX-Go!. This will allow for the timely application of fertilizers and water according to a pre-set schedule in accordance with the needs of the plants. As in the Basic module the production is soil based.

The ADVANCED module.

In the Advanced module the internal growing climate is fully automatically controlled by the iSii compact, thus creating the optimal growing conditions for a maximum production of the vegetable crop. The greenhouse has a movable screen to protect the plants and optimize the growing climate. Water and fertilizer application is similar to the Plus module. Production is on substrate in a 50%-50% mixture of coco peat and pumice.
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