Lauren International Flowers, A 25-Year Legacy of Sustainability

Lauren International Flowers, A 25-Year Legacy of Sustainability

Lauren International Flowers has emerged unscathed, resilient amidst tempests that have compelled others to shutter operations.

From its modest inception on a 10-hectare expanse, Lauren International Flowers now boasts integrated divisions and nurtures a dedicated workforce of 300 artisans. The farm’s triumph is deeply entrenched in its unwavering allegiance to quality, uniformity, and perseverance.

Christopher Tawk, a pivotal figure in the farm’s daily operations, underscores their steadfast dedication to excellence. “Our paramount focus has perennially been excellence, executed with finesse. The export arena demands meticulous adherence to exacting standards, particularly in markets like Australia, and we appreciate the gravity of meeting and exceeding such benchmarks,” he affirms.

In the pursuit of perfection, Lauren International Flowers has garnered an array of certifications, including the Kenya Flower Council, MPS A, Global Gap, Fairtrade, and Sedex. These endorsements underscore the farm’s unwavering allegiance to global standards and consumer contentment.

In its nascent years, the farm transitioned from soil to 75% hydroponic cultivation. However, grappling with escalating production overheads and currency volatilities, the farm contemplates reverting to soil cultivation. Lauren’s adaptability and unwavering commitment to market preeminence have set it apart as a beacon of resilience.

A Melody of Roses

Lauren Flowers proudly showcases an abundant array of over 18 premier rose varieties meticulously curated to meet global standards. Spanning a spectrum of hues, from ravishing reds, blush pinks, vibrant cerises, sunlit yellows, fiery oranges to pristine whites, these blossoms epitomize the farm’s dedication to satisfying market exigencies.

Joseph Tawk fondly reminisces about the formative years, “We invest significantly in varietal selection, recognizing it as the genesis and most pivotal phase in floral production. Our aim is to resonate with market trends and uphold our ethos.”

Lauren International Flowers has not merely expanded its global footprint but has also pioneered direct flower exportation to Australia. Transitioning from exclusive exports to Australia via South Africa during its inception, the farm has since diversified its reach, spanning the Middle East, Germany, and the Dutch auction.

Lauren International

Innovations in Trade Advancement

In addition, with its commitment to excellence, Lauren International Flowers champions sustainability initiatives. From repurposing waste for organic fertilization to installing a 150-kilowatt solar power infrastructure, the farm remains steadfast in diminishing its carbon footprint and championing sustainable practices.

Navigating Turbulence and Fostering Community Bonds

The journey has been strewn with trials, from the tumultuous El-Nino of 1999 to the recent crucible of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet, Lauren International Flowers has emerged unscathed, resilient amidst tempests that have compelled others to shutter operations. Throughout the pandemic, the farm chose to retain its workforce, underpinned by the conviction that adversities are transient.

In a testament to its community allegiance, Lauren Flowers extends educational bursaries to employees’ progeny and bestows year-end tokens of gratitude upon its labor force. Over the past half-decade, the farm has also sown over 10,000 trees and implemented measures such as verdant perimeters around its greenhouses to fortify sustainability.

Gazing into the Horizon

Despite the tribulations encountered, Lauren International Flowers remains steadfastly forward-focused. Blueprinting expansions in cultivation acreage and introducing novel rose varieties to market, the farm’s unwavering dedication to excellence, sustainability, and communal prosperity illuminates the trajectory of global flower farming.

As Lauren International Flowers commemorates its 25th anniversary, it stands as a testament to the transformative alchemy of tenacity, ingenuity, and an indomitable pursuit of excellence in the realm of sustainable flower cultivation.

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