Isinya Roses  freshening the world

Isinya Roses freshening the world

Spanning approximately thirty five hectares in area and sixteen years in operation, Isinya roses is a specialty rose farm based in the scenic Rift Valley, Kajiado County in the humble and quiet town of Isinya. The Company has bloomed to realize its vision of becoming one of Africa’s leading exporter of quality roses. It prides itself of having a sister flower farm; Porini Flowers in Molo which has the highest altitude in Kenya and stands at 2865m above sea level.
The company owes its success to uncompromised professional standards, reliability, trust and overall approach on how their farm is run and managed. Over the years, markets’ challenging demands have inspired them to continually improve and innovate new products. This they do based on their in-depth knowledge of latest technologies and local expertise.
According to Isinya Roses Operations Manager Mr. Hanif Chaudry the Company has attained this status by partnering with world renowned breeders like De Ruiter East Africa through purchasing the best breeds the breeder provides.
Isinya Roses majorly grows intermediate varieties of head size of 3.5cm to 4.5cm with the red roses taking a big chunk as well as a few singles and bi-colors.
De Ruiter stands out as the best breeder of choice to many growers worldwide. Over the years De Ruiter has focused on development and improvement of breeding practices of different varieties that are in tandem with market demand. The Company draws its coveted reputation from a team of scientists who have interminable desire of ensuring the Company lives to its slogan’ Creating flower business’
“We also have exclusive exclusivity with De Ruiter East Africa and other breeders. We are among the few rose farms growing the best breeds of red variety roses on large hectares such as Rhodos and Ever Red, “Hanif said.
They are cultivating fifteen hectares of Rhodos and they are planning to increase up to seventeen hectares as they move more to direct sales since they have witnessed an upsurge in demand on this variety worldwide.
Two hectare of their total area of the farm is dedicated to propagation, trial houses, packing area and staff accommodations while the rest of the farm is filled with roses’ greenhouses.
The farm compliments and cares for the environment by actively planting trees. To date, they have planted over 15,000 trees in the farm. The trees have become home to various varieties of birdlife, adding natural life to the farm.
The company runs an elaborate Corporate Social Responsibility scheme that provides complete welfare services to their employees in health, housing, education as well as in supplying clean water to the locals and allowing animals to graze on their piece of land.
Water conservation is key to the farm. They maintain their own water supply through boreholes and dams. The farm also runs and manages a proper waste water management system and chemical container disposal as certified by National Environment Management Authority (NEMA).

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