Efficient water & climate control in African horticulture

Efficient water & climate control in African horticulture

Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Bosman Van Zaal have been cooperating in the African horticulture market for years. Efficient use of clean water for crop irrigation is one of the main challenges they encountered. Multiple African growers have put their trust in this cooperation to help them take on this challenge.

Blooming Africa LTD

Blooming Africa LTD is a hydrangea farm located in Gilgil, Kenya. What makes Blooming Africa special is that they use a low pressure humidification installation, which spreads water in fine droplets. This  increases the relative humidity and has a large cooling effect.

The droplets evaporate and do not deposit on the flowers, which minimizes the risk of diseases. In addition, Blooming Africa uses hydroponics, making it possible to tune the water dosage to the plant’s needs and reuse drain water. The complete infrastructure for recirculation is constructed by Bosman Van Zaal and is controlled by Hoogendoorn’s iSii process computer. According to owners Bert Louwerse and Harry Rooijakkers they chose these solutions, because they are user-friendly and ensure a long service life and achieve maximum profit, with minimum use of pesticides, fertilizers and water.


In 2016 Horizon SOPYRWA started to produce high standard potato seeds in Rwanda. For this Hoogendoorn and Bosman Van Zaal joined forces to develop a high technology greenhouse complex.

A special greenhouse structure was designed, including all required irrigation, automation and electrical installations. The climate and irrigation inside of the greenhouse complex is controlled by the iSii compact computer. This enables Horizon SOPYRWA to save water and fertilizers by tuning the water dosage to the plant’s needs. At the same time, the climate control increases their yields and reduces pests and diseases by optimizing the growing conditions.

Olij Roses Kenya

Another unique is Olij Roses in Kenya, which gets almost all its energy supplied from solar panels and irrigates only with reused drain water and rain water. Olij Roses chose for the solutions of Hoogendoorn and Bosman Van Zaal in order to meet customer’s demands on high productivity, good vase-life, good transportability, low disease control and elegance, which requires the latest cutting edge technology.

Reliable local service

Bosman Van Zaal and Hoogendoorn have a wealth of experience in various African countries. To achieve the maximum benefits out of the provided horticulture technology, custom-made training, advice and local service and support are provided.

Training can be followed locally or online, which enables growers to expand their knowledge at any place and any time. With Hoogendoorn and Bosman Van Zaal as partners a long term investment and partnership is key, helping you as a grower to always be a step ahead and reaching maximum results out of your greenhouse or open field crops.


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