CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE enriching lives with new FIDELITY 400 WG pest control

CORTEVA AGRISCIENCE enriching lives with new FIDELITY 400 WG pest control

Pests damage crops and serve as vectors for diseases thus causing significant losses to farmers and threatening food security. The spread of plant pests and diseases has increased dramatically in recent years as a result of globalization, trade and climate change as well as reduced resilience in production systems due to decades of agricultural intensification. But there are beneficial insects that are vital for pollination and pest control. The bid to eradicate harmful pests while protecting beneficial insects is a delicate balancing act and has borne fruit through an integrated approach.

One such product is FIDELITY™ 400 WG, a broad-spectrum insecticide developed by Corteva Agriscience, a company renown for innovations in the agricultural sector. The innovation has very low impact on most beneficial insects (predators & parasitoids) and on bees when label recommendations are followed. Fidelity WG does not flare mites or other pests and is compatible with other tactics in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs, besides being an excellent rotation partner with insecticides with different modes of action.

The new insecticide is a combination of two powerful modes of action and is positioned for ornamentals, vegetables and fruits. It has excellent activity on major insect pests, providing concurrent control of chewing (caterpillars, thrips) and sap-feeding (aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs) insect pests.

FIDELITY™, provides excellent control of hidden pests in the plant canopy and has an excellent residual activity after initial application. “It has systemic activity; moves upward through plant xylem into established growth; with limited movement into new growth. It has translaminar activity and also moves from the surface of leaf to inside leaf, thus providing a better protection of plant canopy and underside leaves”, explains Margaret Njambi Business Development Manager at Corteva Agriscience.

The two powerful active ingredients; Isoclast and Spinetoram have both contact and ingestion activity. Other benefits of using Fidelity WG are fast knockdown, long residual control of target pests and very broadspectrum activity on a number of crops.

The application rate of FIDELITY™ is 200g per ha and it should be sprayed at first signs of infestation and repeat application done after 10-14 days if necessary while ensuring thorough coverage of the leaf surfaces. The pre-harvest interval for both cabbages and tomatoes is 3 days

“FIDELITY™ is a cross-spectrum insecticide that provides control of sucking and chewing insects, especially advantageous when they overlap in crops. Is a curative treatment for most insect pests for peace of mind, and in resistance management, it is a great rotational partner in spray programs,” Njambi, concluded.

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