BUSINESS STRATEGY: Rethink Everything!

BUSINESS STRATEGY: Rethink Everything!

United Agrochemicals Limited have a rule: “We aren’t attached to process. We’re only attached to outcome.”

They have a clear ambition of seeking to become a market leader in the provision of Crop Protection and Solutions in the Agriculture Sector in the region. To realize this dream, the company is embracing innovation, putting much emphasis and focus on customer service and expanding its product portfolio to its branch network with the ultimate target being present countrywide. Hortfresh Journal Magazine talks to United Agrochemicals Limited on its growth ambitions. Excerpts.

United Agrochemicals Limited is growing into a leading agrochemical company in the region. How have you managed to achieve this fete?

We have become a leading agrochemical distributor because of our focus to the farmer on customer services. We endeavor to offer farmers timely products and services in the right form. We have tailored our products and services in a way that meet the farmers’ expectations. We make our products flexible enough to accommodate the various unique needs that the farmer present to us daily. We are constantly aware that farmers have options and therefore present our products proposition as the better option. We have put systems in place to support our product offering.

What are some of the unique attributes and products that make people opt for United Agrochemicals Limited?

The first and most important thing is good customer service. Secondly, we have tailor made our products to fit each unique need presented to us. We have embraced technology and actively use technology to deliver value to the farmer. United Agrochemicals Limited is continuously introducing new products in chemical molecular formulations as well as re-engineering the existing ones as it gears up to offer value to the farmer.

What are some of the benefits that a farmer can expect?

As we believe success is not an accident but it’s a process, and it requires efforts and loyalty. United Agrochemicals Limited is remarkably different from the rest as we keep contact with the farmer to ensure that their needs and demands are addressed to make way to real opportunities by effective response to customer satisfaction.

How big is United Agrochemicals Limited in terms of assets and geographical reach?

United Agrochemicals Limited advanced and vastly accessible location at Westlands, Nairobi County has been able to attract and open a great channel of innovative business operations to both suppliers and customers at large. Being a licensed agent and distributor of agrochemicals in Kenya, we can ensure top of the chain standards and total crop care products supply and services. We have a wide and well-equipped logistic infrastructure, delivering products to the door of our distributors and farmers countrywide.

Do you think with increasing competition in the agrochemicals industry you will maintain your impressive growth in the coming years?

We are looking forward to our profitability growth since we continue introducing new products in our portfolio of products range among other exciting products. We continue to introduce among other new and innovative products that address the need of the suppliers (retail distributors) and the farmers.

What are your growth targets in terms of profitability?

United Agrochemicals Limited as set a target to become the leading agrochemical distributor in the country both in terms of suppliers and farmers reach and profitability. Since its commencing, we have been implementing a strategic plan and we have successfully managed to attain most of the targets so far. Consequently, we intend to maintain the growth momentum with a target of becoming an organization for reach-out in the agriculture sector by having a footprint in every agrovet / stockist (agrochemicals supplier) and farms (large-scale and small-scale farming).

United Agrochemicals Limited has been trying to reach-out to more farmers. What has been the rate of success?

The reach-out has been a success. We are sending our team different parts of the country. We have a great and positive response from farmers whom we have offered our products and services in terms of trials and directly selling the products thus looking forward to reach-out even further. The new strategy looks at getting even to more distributors in major towns to tapping this important market.

United Agrochemicals Limited has entered into several partnerships with manufacturers and distributors. How are these partnerships important in your growth strategy?

As an agrochemical distributor there are products and services that the farmer needs but cannot access due to regulatory restrictions. We partner with like-minded institutions to offer products and services that would ordinarily be out of reach of our customers. We want to be a one stop shop for all the customers’ agricultural requirement. United Agrochemicals Limited believes in pulling together for the benefit of farmers.

You have in each time a launch of a product. What informed this innovation in product development and what are the benefits?

In the current market, the farmer is looking for convenience, our products just offer that. We look forward to offering more technology-based products and services that can be of great benefit to the farmer in terms of increased yield production and more comfortable rates in minimizing production costs to the farmer.

How effective has Pest Control Products Act been in streamlining the agrochemicals industry in the country?

The Act brings sanity in the industry. Agrochemical companies used to operate with minimal regulations, and this brings about order and acts in boosting the morale and created credibility in the industry.

Do you think PCPB is doing a good job in policing the industry?

Yes, it is. The inspection and licensing have eliminated a lot of malpractices that is in the industry. It has also given not only the manufacturers and distributors but also the farmer a boost of confidence.

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