AFRODRIP LIMITED Supplying good quality products; bringing new agricultural innovations & technology

AFRODRIP LIMITED Supplying good quality products; bringing new agricultural innovations & technology

AFRODRIP LIMITED is located along Mombasa road Nairobi, just opposite the JKIA Airport and was founded two years ago. The Board of Directors all have a vast Background and knowledge in agricultural product manufacture and farming. This Experiences have enabled them to bring the company to where it is right now.

AFRODRIP’S main Vision is to bring to the local Farmers and Suppliers good quality products since all our products are ISO Certified with fair prices. Our second aim as a company is to bring new innovations and Agricultural technology from the advanced countries such as Turkey, Israel and India. These countries are well advanced in Agriculture and greenhouse farming; borrowing a leaf from them would be an added advantage to Kenya’s Food Security.

We are offering the best quality greenhouse polythene that has been scientifically developed for the East African climate with the best additives UV+AB+IR+EVA that gives the cover strength and durability, also our greenhouse metals for the structure are purely galvanised quality.

We are indeed pleased that most of the vegetable and herbs farmers are using our well-developed N+P+K fertilizers that has seen their production tonnage increase alot, The N+P+K with added Enzymes that act as soil conditioner and catalyst has seen the farmers get good quality produce and market especially the ones in the Export Market.

As AFRODRIP, we do offer free Training to new farmers who are looking to get into commercial farming as a business. Most IMPORTANTLY we can offer a Full Business plan and guide the farmer step by step until they are comfortable to continue on their own. Our staff are well trained and experienced to offer advice and information in all fields.

In terms of Long-Term Sustainability as AFRODRIP LTD not only do we trade, we have started to produce some products here in Kenya. This has enabled us to provide these items at a lower price and making them affordable to all farmers in the region.

It gives our company great Joy to contribute in a positive way in growing the Agricultural sector as it is one of the main contributors to our Country’s Economy. We are committed to our vision to serve our farmers. We will keep our promise to bring more advanced technology and innovations, This has seen us partner with international companies all over the world who are ready and willing to work with us in this mission.

Our Products are:

  1. Greenhouse Polythene.
  2. Greenhouse Metals.
  3. Irrigation driplines, sprinklers and micro-irrigation systems.
  4. PE Pipes and PVC pipes and all fittings.
  5. Insect Nets and Shade Nets.
  6. Export Herb packaging bags.
  7. Water Damliners and Fish pondliners
  8. N+P+K Fertilizers.

There are many reasons you should choose our products. Among the benefits include:

  •     International Standard (ISO 9001) Products
  •     Suitable products according to East Africa climate conditions
  •     The best price in the market
  •     Always have full stock in Kenya
  •     We have a vast source of information and can help any farmer
  •      Best customer service
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