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In our quest to unravel stories not only to fulfill our obligatory duties as journalists but with one thing in mind, our readers are fed with the best stories, we embark on a journey, our destination Bloomingdale Roses Kenya Limited situated in Timau area of Meru County the actual home of Kenya’s finest and highest mountain, Mt. Kenya.


Here, we are met by serene environment coupled with cool air, the sight of glacial cool harvested waters sitting prettily undisturbed in the dams; it’s an environment that leaves sweet memories and one that a person can wish to stay much longer.


Our host, Mr. Sunnill Chaudhari who is the General Manager arrives to shed to us more light about the Company, before proceeding to another appointment; he is indeed a busy man.


  1. Tell us more about Bloomingdale Roses?

We are new company producing world class T- hybrid roses. Our first cultivation began in the year 2013.We are on 30ha production. Our first harvest was 150,000 stems but we are now doing 500,000 per week, which we are going to exceed in the next two to three months. Actually our first export of roses was in January 2014 so we are two and half years in export.


Bloomingdale is a subsidiary of the Bobmill Group of companies, well known in manufacturing of mattress and polythene. We have been very industrious oriented so growth opportunities made the Group venture into floriculture.


After a whirlwind tour from North to South and searching other areas in an attempt to look for the perfect land, we found ourselves in Timau. We felt a tug that we could not understand and explored further. We continued to be drawn by the warmth of the people, the scenic view of Mount Kenya and needless to say, it was love at first sight.


  1. When did you join Kenya flower council, and how have you benefited?

We became members in December 2015 and we are silver certified.


There are so many benefits: KFC has a good reputation internationally if you place a KFC label on your flowers then you are sure of selling. It also ensures we are maintaining standards as well as making sure all workers are ensured and all their rights protected.


Consequently they came in and assisted in terms of Levies collection by Meru County who wanted to charge more. They explained by showing them how much other counties are charging and thus the levies were standardized; helping to settle the dispute.


  1. What are the challenges you have experienced during your operations and how have you overcome them?

The distance from here to the Airport is our biggest challenge; the trucks take four to four and half hours. We transport at night using refrigerated trucks to avoid traffic. I always feel relieved when the truck arrives at the airport. We have standby trucks in case one stalls on the way.


The road network to the farm was poor especially when it rained, to repair the road we had to get the approval from Transport Ministry, but even with the license the locals were opposing but we constructed the road. Slowly they have accepted as they are using the road even recently they approached us to repair a section that has been damaged.


  1. Are there some Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) projects you have undertaken?

Bloomingdale has constructed


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