Westerners to invest in agribusiness

Westerners to invest in agribusiness

The people from western Kenya are being encouraged to invest heavily in agribusiness in order to create more income generating activities.

Speaking to West Media at his home in Sitikho ward in Webuye West, deputy head of public service Wanyama Musiambo said the Covid-19 pandemic has taught Kenyans many lessons, especially youths who lost their jobs, given that some companies had to shut down.

He urged residents to engage in farming activities, saying he is also heavily involved, “I’m a government officer but back at home I’m a serious farmer,” he said, “I have dairy animals and for the last ten years we’ve produced milk consistently, which we sell. I also have acres of sugarcane and coffee plantations, I have pigs and also poultry. Anytime I’m at home, I forget office work and join my wife to run farming errands and we’ve earned a lot of money from this.”

He said farming is part of food security, one of the key parts of Jubilee’s Big Four Agenda, adding that farming doesn’t need a lot of land as some may perceive, but proper utilization of what one already has. He also urged parents to embrace education and lauded Sitikho residents who have prioritized education. He also applauded Webuye West MP Dan Wanyama for investing lots of funds to construct classes in different schools especially in Sitikho ward, which he said has been a boost to the education sector.

However, he affirmed that Covid-19 is still present and people should continue observing the Ministry of Health infection prevention directives, “Some people think that Covid-19 is only present in Nairobi. That mentality may pave the way for its spread. Let’s work together to fight this common enemy.”

By Malachi Motano

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