Wanda Organics efforts to replenish soils fertility in Kenya

The future of agriculture depends solely on the fertility of our soils. Over the years, soil degradation coupled with continuous use of synthetically manufactured fertilizers has led to the depletion of viable nutrients in the soil hence leading to a tremendous reduction of harvests forcing the Government to intervene to mitigate the effect.

Though manufactured fertilizers boost productivity, they lead to increased toxic levels of various chemicals in the soil health. Organic nutrients are continuously being encouraged and promoted to rejuvenate soils.

For instance, organic matter are recyclable, there by being retained in the soil and being made available to the plants in the consecutive planting. Decomposing organic matter releases nutrients in a form that plants are able to uptake and enhances microbial diversity in the soil which helps in suppressing diseases.

Marion Atieno Moon, the founder and managing director of Wanda Organics, the manufacturer of Plantamate Bio-Organic fertilizer took the bold step to provide organic fertilizers.  This was not only to boost farmers’ production but also to ensure the soils are best preserved in terms of nutrients.

In an interview with Hortfresh Journal at Jacaranda Hotel in Nairobi, she revealed that she had been very curious about how to increase food production in Kenya, to levels similar to those she witnessed in South East Asia.

“I quit my job in Uganda and came back to Kenya and afterwards travelled to Thailand and Philippine. I discovered that they were much advanced than us in terms of food production and through interactions with farmers I discovered they were using bio and organic fertilizers in cultivation,’’ she revealed.

Read more in Hortfresh Journal May – June 2016 issue

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