Smart solutions for Kenyan horticulture

Smart solutions for Kenyan horticulture

Water and fertilizers are essential to the growth of your crop. However, these resources are becoming increasingly scarce worldwide. In addition, food safety and security have become a major global issue. Factors such as population growth, decreasing water resources, and the demand for sustainable produced products require stricter regulations to ensure food quantity and quality. Hoogendoorn Growth Management offers multiple automation solutions to take on these challenges.

iSii compact

The user friendly iSii compact is able to automatically regulate irrigation by taking into account the solar radiation sum. Based on the crop evaporation and the dehydration of the soil the iSii compact determines the right starting moment, frequency and duration of the irrigation cycles. The pH value and EC level (nutrients) can be set to compose the right recipe to grow a healthy crop. Thanks to its modular structure the iSii compact can also easily be extended with climate controls, such as recirculation fans, screens, heating, and Pad and Fan cooling. For these controls an aspirator box with sensors that measure greenhouse temperature and humidity is needed. Based on the difference between the measured temperature and the set desired temperature, e.g. roof vents can be opened or closed and circulation fans will be switched on or off. The iSii compact can be controlled from any device with a web browser (PC, tablet and smart phone). This provides the possibility to view information about the current cultivation conditions at any desired moment. For example, growers can see how much water is being given and from which valves.


Hoogendoorn’s management information system Work-IT wirelessly registers real-time data about crop yields, labor performance, and pests and diseases. Work-IT can be used both by means of a terminal or a smartphone. Work-IT enables you to locate pests and diseases at an early stage. With the use of crop protection, in contrast to chemical pesticides, the infestation can be combated more effectively. This prevents yield losses, and maintains a healthy crop
With Work-IT you can monitor the complete route of your harvested crop from your greenhouse all the way into the shop. With these features you are fully equipped to meet the growing demand of conscious consumers who want to know all about the origin of their food. Next to this it also enables you to ensure food safety and food security. For a high staff productivity and yield stability, information about labor performance and crop yields are important. This data enables you to manage labor, production, crop health, and costs in an efficient way. WorkIT provides you and your employees with instant performance feedback. The dashboard overview shows you which employees perform any given activity the best. With this information you can deploy staff more efficiently and, if needed, make adjustments throughout the day in order to reach your production targets.
Local customer-focused service Along with innovative tools, knowledge is an important driver to gain the maximum benefit out of horticultural technology. Therefore, partners Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Bosman van Zaal provide custommade trainings, advice, and support. This can be done locally or online, which enables you to expand your knowledge at any place and any time. Bosman van Zaal supplies local service and support for growers. Bosman van Zaal delivers and installs the automation solutions at your greenhouse, and also provides maintenance service, cropfocused and user training, and technical support to customers. With Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Bosman van Zaal as partners a long term investment and partnership are key. With a wealth of experience in African countries, we help you as a grower to always be a step ahead and get the maximum out of your greenhouse or open field.

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