Services that help African growers gain maximum profit

Services that help African growers gain maximum profit

In the current horticulture market technology is constantly changing and evolving. The Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Bosman Van Zaal user-friendly automation solutions and management information system always comply with the latest technologies. This helps you as grower to always be a step ahead and reach the maximum results out of your greenhouse or open field crops.

However, besides the right tools, knowledge is an important driver to get the maximum benefits out of the horticulture technology. Therefore we share our extensive knowledge in various ways, e.g. on-site training, webinars, e-learning, whitepapers and online helpdesk. We believe that cooperation and sharing knowledge contribute to innovation and growth. With knowledge sharing you can have your crop grow as well as possible and obtain maximum profit from your production.

On-site training

Bosman van Zaal supplies local service and support for African growers and installs the systems at your greenhouse. They also provide maintenance service, crop-focused and user training, and technical support to customers.

Experienced trainers provide growers with new insights on e.g. crop management, fertilization/irrigation, climate control, crop protection, food security and yield performance. With this knowledge growers and their teams can take the greenhouses to the next level and increase business success.


For years already Hoogendoorn offers webinars tailored to our (international) customers, to make it possible for any grower in the world to receive training. Our experts dive deeper into subjects that are relevant to your production such as optimization of software settings or botanical and physical processes. This online training can be scheduled flexibly and can be followed from one’s own workplace.


A webinar program is custom-made: as a grower you indicate the area on which you wish to focus the training. During this online training, the Hoogendoorn expert answers all your questions about production related subjects, such as plant physiology, software settings and cultivation methods. A webinar can be scheduled flexibly and can be followed from you own workplace, individually but also in groups.

Next to customer specific webinars Hoogendoorn also offers several general webinars during the year in which relevant topics are being explained. These webinars can be followed for free. To stay informed about upcoming webinars, visit our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

Hoogendoorn AcadeMe – Never stop growing

Hoogendoorn AcadeMe is an e-learning platform that provides access to an interesting range of product training courses and insights into the latest developments. The aim is to accelerate knowledge and skills to operate new greenhouse and indoor farming technologies.

The e-learning platform Hoogendoorn AcadeMe is for our customers, partners, crop advisors and employees. As user you have access to your courses at your convenience and you can select learning materials that meet your personal level of knowledge and interest and that of your employees.

To make learning more fun and interactive, multimedia elements such as online video’s, infographics, simulations and quizzes have been integrated. With informative content and the ease of navigation, you can easily find your way around in the e-learning platform.

You are able to track your own individual progress and receive immediate feedback. This information can be used to review content or reach out for additional support. At the same time, it also helps us to further develop online courses that are aligned to the needs of our customers and partners.


Hoogendoorn regularly issues free whitepapers. With these whitepapers we want to provide growers information about complex topics, to help them understand the topics and provide them with solutions for problems. For example, Hoogendoorn wrote four whitepapers to explain about the different aspects of Plant Empowerment. Visit www. to download the whitepapers.

Online Helpdesk

To provide customers with the best service and support, we offer remote assistance 24/7. The Online Helpdesk is an element of the customer portal Hoogendoorn Online. With the Hoogendoorn Online Helpdesk you can be helped quickly and easily. It provides helpful ‘How to’-articles and answers to frequently asked questions.

If you have a different question you can use the online ticketing system, where you have direct contact with a Hoogendoorn specialist and you can track the status of your question.

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