Partners who produce meaning & value

Partners who produce meaning & value

Exhibition expansion

Bosman Van Zaal, Hoogendoorn Growth Management, LudvigSvensson and for the first time Bercomex joined in on the 15th Naivasha Horticultural Fair in Kenya. For all of us this is the main event which shows products and services from a diversity of stakeholders in the horticultural industry.

New service in cooperation with Bosman Van Zaal

The need for increased automation and professionalism in flower processing flowers grows worldwide. We also see this trend in Kenya, Bercomex systems are globally used for the effective processing and bunching of cut flowers. From June 2017 Bercomex collaborates with Bosman Van Zaal for service provision in Kenya. We will organise local service and parts supply from our Bosman Van Zaal business in Naivasha, while Bercomex will provide remote service assistance via an internet connection.

iSiicompact at Sopyrwa, Rwanda.

Horizon Sopyrwa is Rwanda’s leading producer of refined pyrethrum. The Company is located in Musanze in Rwanda’s Northern Province where the climatic conditions are well suited to growing the crop. Sopyrwa produces more than 10% of the world’s pyrethrum extract. By installingHoogendoorn’siSiicompact, Sopyrwacontrols irrigation in greenhouses and open field and manages her greenhouse climate. The irrigation control in iSii compact saves them water and fertilizers by tuning the water dosage to the plant’s needs. The climate control increases yield and reduces pests& diseases by optimizing the growing conditions. The modular structure allows to compile the system: whether you want to control irrigation, climate or both.

Innovation by Bosman Van Zaal and Vaselife

The Dutch companies Bosman Van Zaal and Vaselife developed together an efficient cut flowers spray system. The Spray tunnel was specifically designed to effectively and efficiently spray treatment fluids like Vaselife Defend.

Advantages of the system

  • Each load takes less than 10 seconds to treat
  • Can be adjusted to spray from height 30 up to 80 cm
  • Spray unit fitted with self-cleaning nozzles
  • Excess treatment fluids can be recycled and re-used
  • Also, adaptable for seedlings and young plants

See the Spray tunnel in action and check the video on YouTube For more information please contact Robert Van Donk ( +31 297 344344)

For more information:

Bosman Van Zaal Kenya

Flower Business Park

P.O. box 1820, Naivasha, Kenya

Chris Alphenaar via or +254 707000308

+31 10 460 80 80

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