NPCK and Corteva to introduce technologies to increase potato production

NPCK and Corteva to introduce technologies to increase potato production

NPCK and Corteva introduces new technologies to increase potato production

At least Potato growers in Kenya will not have to worry about low production since the National Potato Council of Kenya (NPCK) and Corteva Agriscience plan to introduce new technologies to enable smallholder farmers increase their yields.

If successful the smallholder farmers will increase their yields from 7 tonnes to 20 tonnes. Through the partnership, smallholder farmers will also be trained on ways of improving potato yields through the use of quality seed, resilient and improved varieties, pest and disease management, post-harvest management, and record-keeping.

Already seven demonstration plots have been set up in potato growing regions in several sub-counties in the country. “The collaboration with the National Potato Council of Kenya is meant to help farmers increase productivity as well as ensure farmers have access to the best farming practices,” says Corteva Agriscience Sales Leader EA Francis Karanja

He added, “The products and information we share help farmers manage potato pests and diseases, incorporate the latest advances in sustainability and technology into their daily operations. The technology we are bringing on board, incorporates best agronomic practices, modern technology to provide scientific control of fungal diseases and safe use of chemicals is meant to increase the potato yields per hectare in the smallholdings significantly.

According to the Potato Council of Kenya, potato sector, contributes around $30m per annum to the economy, employs around 3.3 million people of which up to 800,000 are smallholder farmers. Unfortunately, pests and diseases contribute to an approximated 80% reduction in production which disturbs improved seed availability and food security.

By Malachi Motano

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