Increasing quality & quantity of food in Rwanda

Increasing quality & quantity of food in Rwanda

Horizon SOPYRWA: Bosman Van Zaal, Hoogendoorn & Holland GreenTech

By 2016, Rwanda coped with a serious potato seeds scarcity problem due to poor yields and a demographic growth. Farmers were using potato seeds coming from different sources or even old seeds left over from previous seasons which would not give enough yields. By the end of 2016, Horizon SOPYRWA, Rwanda’s leading producer of refined, environmentally friendly pyrethrum products and essential oils, stepped in to make the difference.

Together to produce qualitative potato seeds

Potatoes are sensitive for a variety of diseases and thus high qualitative seeds are necessary to meet the high demand for qualitative food. To realise this, Bosman Van Zaal, Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Holland GreenTech joined forces in September 2016 to develop a high technology greenhouse complex for Horizon SOPYRWA’s potato seedlings/cuttings in the Musanze region.

Greenhouse complex with versatile constructions and installations: Bosman Van Zaal

To produce high standard potato seeds, Bosman Van Zaal designed a special greenhouse structure, including all required irrigation, automation and electrical installations. The construction is located at a height of 2.200 metres where there is an average temperature of 17,8 degrees combined with very high rainfall. Because the potato seedlings are now grown in a fully controlled environment they can be supplied throughout the year with a high and consistent quality level.

The approximately ½ hectare large greenhouse consists of a high quality steel and aluminium structure, covered with a special UV stabilised polyethylene film. To ensure the optimal climate inside, the greenhouse is equipped with automatic double sided roof ventilation windows, side gable ventilation screens, horizontal shading screens and special vertical circulation fans.

Rain water, harvested by the greenhouse roof is stored in a water silo from where it is used for irrigation purposes. Irrigation and fertigation is provided to the plants through the overhead sprinkler system specifically designed for raising young plants and seedlings.

High technology software system: Hoogendoorn

Hoogendoorn delivered the user-friendly iSii compact climate and irrigation computer that efficiently controls the climate and irrigation inside of the greenhouse complex. This enables Horizon SOPYRWA to save water and fertilisers by tuning the water dosage to the plant’s need. At the same time, the climate control increases their yields and reduces pest and diseases by optimizing the growing conditions.

Realisation and ambition of the high technology greenhouse


All these inventive technologies were finally realised by Holland GreenTech when the construction was completed in March, 2017 and the first production started in April, 2017. The greenhouse acted as a pilot program that has been regarded as a success. This is why Horizon SOPYRWA aims to build similar greenhouses over the next five years and expand their distribution to the provinces.

The greenhouse has a capacity of producing 1.200.000 of seedlings/ cuttings per quarter. The projection for 2022 is to produce 200.000 plantlets, 4.000.000 cuttings and 1.600.000 mini-tubers in total.

Farmers participate in workshops and training

To preserve the quality and further improve the production of high standard potatoes, Holland GreenTech offers guidance in the form of workshops and trainings for potato farmers that work with Horizon SOPYRWA.

From vision to solution: make your ambitions come true!

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