Improving production, quality and food safety with horticultural automation

Improving production, quality and food safety with horticultural automation

The nutritional and environmental benefits of vegetables are capturing the attention in Africa. A positive development for African farmers is the increasing demand for vegetables. Local vegetables are becoming more popular among farmers and consumers, due to the nutrition benefits. However, in Kenya there is a growing concern over the safety of fruits and vegetables and its effect on health due to use of pesticides. Food safety has become a major global issue. In order to ensure food quantity and quality, population growth, decreasing water resources and the demand for sustainable produced products require strict regulations.
Bosman Van Zaal and Hoogendoorn Growth Management can help African farmers to improve labor production, quality and food safety with horticultural automation.
Effective crop protection
To keep your crop healthy, it is important to have insight into what affects your crop yield. By controlling pests and diseases more effectively a healthy crop can be maintained. At the same time, technology enables farmers to take action at an early stage to improve the crop quality. On top of that, data on harvest activities, crop health, production costs and personnel performance can increase the quality and quantity of your crop and simultaneously time costs can be controlled.
With the new labor and production registration system Work-IT, real-time information about e.g. crop yields, staff performance, planning, quality and stock is combined. This allows farmers to efficiently manage labor, production and crop health and it helps to take cost-saving measures. By locating pests and diseases at an early stage, farmers can use crop protection, in contrast to chemical pesticides to combat it more effectively. Yield losses are prevented and a healthy crop is maintained. With the integrated track and trace, farmers comply to the growing demand of conscious consumers who want to know all about their purchased product.
You can save up to 15% on labor costs. Moreover quality control, track & tracing and pests & diseases registration ensure food safety.
Why Work-IT?
• Flexible, simple, convenient and accurate
• Insight into labor, production and crop health
• Ensures food safety
• Increases staff productivity by instant feedback
• Savings up to 15% on labor costs
• Easier to comply to quality and environmental laws
• Effective crop protection
• Software available in multiple languages
• Hardware independency
Maximum benefits of technology and flexible training
With Bosman Van Zaaland Hoogendoorn Growth Management as partners a long term investment and partnership is key. With a wealth of experience in African countries, we help you as a farmer to always be a step ahead and reach the maximum out of your greenhouse or open field.Together with a diversity of partners we have been involved in a range of projects in Africa in collaboration with local authorities.
To achieve the maximum benefits out of the horticultural technology provided by Bosman Van Zaal and Hoogendoorn Growth Management, custom-made training, advice, local customer-focused service and support are provided. Trainings can be done locally or online, which enables farmers to expand their knowledge at any place and any time.
Bosman Van Zaaland Hoogendoorn Growth Management at Naivasha Horticultural Fair
If you would like to be informed more on our horticultural automation solutions, you can visit us at the Naivasha Horticultural Fair, Naivasha, Kenya.
On 15 and 16 September 2017 we are pleased to welcome you at road A, booth 39 and 40 and show the possibilities for you in horticultural automation.
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