Element of Growth in Africa

Element of Growth in Africa

Hoogendoorn Growth Management has been helping Kenyan growers to comply to this growing demand in the most efficient way with horticultural automation solutions and local training and support, together with partner Bosman van Zaal Kenya.
Automation solutions
Hoogendoorn offers an automation solution for every horticultural company, from open fields to protected greenhouses. With the iSii compact growers can control irrigation in greenhouses and open fields and manage the greenhouse climate. The more extensive next generation iSii enables growers to completely manage the climate control, irrigation and energy management. This saves a lot of time and provides better results with less effort and resources. Sensors are an essential component in every process control system. Without measurements, controls cannot be managed efficiently. Hoogendoorn offers a wide range of sensors for the measurement of both inside and outside conditions. These sensors can be completely integrated with both the iSii compact and next generation iSii process computer.
The new element of growth
In addition to the existing automation solutions Hoogendoorn now introduced “the new element of growth” Hoogendoorn Online to provide customers with extra services.
Hoogendoorn Online – Always connected
With the ever-increasing availability of smart tools and rich data to manage your greenhouse, we understand that it can be quite challenging and time-consuming to efficiently process relevant information.
At Hoogendoorn we believe in enabling our customers to easily connect to their smart online tools at their convenience to manage their greenhouse. That’s why we’re introducing our new customer portal Hoogendoorn Online.
With Hoogendoorn Online customers have access to all their online Hoogendoorn services via single sign on: the online learning environment (Hoogendoorn AcadeMe), support (Online Helpdesk), maintenance (Service Protection Plan) and cultivation data (Hoogendoorn Analytics). Customers are also kept up-to-date on the latest developments and updates via Hoogendoorn Online.
Hoogendoorn AcadeMe – Never stop growing
Knowledge is important to get the maximum out of your Hoogendoorn products. The focus here is on growth: increasing knowledge to achieve the maximum result. Hoogendoorn offers various product training courses and insights into the latest developments via the Hoogendoorn AcadeMe. Through the online learning environment you will be able to keep your knowledge up-to-date. With the Hoogendoorn AcadeMe you will continue to learn and innovate.
Online Helpdesk – Always available
To provide customers with the best service and support, we offer remote assistance 24/7. With the Hoogendoorn Online Helpdesk you can be helped quickly and easily via our online ticket system, where you have direct contact with a Hoogendoorn specialist and you can track the status of your question. Hoogendoorn is always there for its customers.
Service Protection Plan – When every second counts
In order to use your Hoogendoorn system for years without any worries, the Hoogendoorn Service Protection Plan is a smart investment. The Hoogendoorn Service Protection Plan offers extensive possibilities, from software updates and service to additional functionalities. You can choose from 3 packages: Essential, Advanced and Premium. This way you can choose which benefits you want to use and you can easily upgrade your package, with for example the online back-up possibility.
Hoogendoorn Analytics – Boost your growth
Internet of Things, Big Data, the Cloud, Artificial Intelligence. Online data solutions are becoming increasingly important within Hoogendoorn. That is why we introduce Hoogendoorn Analytics, our online platform for data storage and analysis. Insight into cultivation data is essential in order to learn from it and make better decisions. Via Hoogendoorn Analytics, customers can securely store and retrieve their real-time data from all kinds of sensors, like for example aspirator box, weather station, or thermographic camera. In particular, by analyzing crop data over multiple periods, users can adjust their greenhouse climate to optimize the growth of the crop.
Local service
Together with partner Bosman van Zaal, Hoogendoorn has a wealth of horticultural experience in various African countries. We help you as a farmer to always be a step ahead and get the maximum out of your greenhouse or open field. Together with a diversity of partners we have been involved in a range of projects in Africa in collaboration with local authorities.
Bosman van Zaal supplies local service and support for growers and installs the systems at your greenhouse. They also provide maintenance service, crop-focused and user training, and technical support to customers. With Hoogendoorn Growth Management and Bosman van Zaal as partners a long term investment and partnership is key.
For more information, please contact us:

Flower Business Park – Panda
20117, Naivasha, Kenya
+254 707 000 309

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