Rob Letcher is the new Managing Director of De Ruiter East Africa

Since beginning of May this year, Rob Letcher took over the helm of De Ruiter East Africa as the company’s new Managing Director. Rob has an admirable wealth of experience in floriculture, with a career that was groomed back in the early 90s.
His Mission and Vision for the Company is to continue developing the good brand that De Ruiters is, in “Creating Flower Business”! His challenge includes further improving the farm facilities, staff development training and relationship building across the region.
“Team spirit is a vital ingredient for our future success. I will use my market and marketing knowledge, farm background, African and European network to achieve our mission objectives. Having worked for many years abroad I am excited by my return to Africa. My vision for DREA is to be the most reliable breeder for choice of varieties across all market segments. We have work to do to achieve this goal and we will aim for better open communications, transparency and consistency in all our dealings to ensure growers get what they seek. This we trust will allow relationships to flourish”, the Manager said.

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