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Hoogendoorn and Bosman provide Olij Roses Kenya with energy-efficient technology

State of the art solutions make greenhouses self supporting in electricity and heating

In autumn 2013 the new demonstration project 'Green Dutch Energy Solutions: solar-powered greenhouse' is put into practice at Olij Roses in Navaisha.

This two year project is initiated by Bosman, DLV plant, Van Zaal and Hoogendoorn. These leading Dutch companies in horticulture technology are members of the Green Farming consortium.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate that East African solarpowered greenhouses can run independent of local energy suppliers with Dutch energyefficient technology. It is expected that energy costs can be reduced by 40 percent.

East African horticultural entrepreneurs face big challenges. For example, energy costs are expected to keep rising, and also electricity grid is often of poor quality due to regular power cuts and uneven current. Moreover, most greenhouses are unheated. This causes an unbalanced greenhouse climate and reduces product quality. With the new solarpowered
greenhouse project Green Farming responds to these trends. This project provides information on how Dutch technology, such as process automation, make it possible to run greenhouses independent of the national grid. Payback time of this solar system is less than 4 years.

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Solar energy used for electricity and heating
The demo project takes place at rose breeder and propagator Olij in Naivasha. In this region the average temperature is between 20 and 26 degrees. To utilize the sun as an energy source Van Zaal provided solar panels to produce electrical energy. Part of this electrical energy is used by pumps, motors and horticultural lighting. The excess energy is
stored in a battery pack from which energy can be tapped during the night. To generate thermal energy Olij also uses solar collectors. These collectors heat the 3 greenhouses during the night by water flowing through pipes. The heating prevents diseases and increases production.

Weather forecast integrated in energy management
Olij uses the Hoogendoorn iSii process computer to monitor and manage all energy flows and processes. This user-friendly system, installed by Bosman Kenya, makes optimal use of the electrical energy stored in the battery-pack and the hot water in the heat storage tank. Based on local weather forecasts the iSii software ensures that the roses always receive the proper amount of heat, CO2 and growth light necessary for optimum growth. Also, the complete water management, including irrigation, disinfection of rainwater and recirculation, has been automated by iSii.

Wealth of experience
Hoogendoorn and local partner Bosman deliver a complete range of sustainable and profitable horticultural solutions. Furthermore, service-oriented items are provided, such as local maintenance service, crop-focused training and technical support. Both partners have realized a range of innovative projects in various African countries. With their wealth of experience total solutions can always be completely aligned with customer's wishes and
requirements. These integrated solutions always make minimum use of pesticides, minerals and water.

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