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Kenya ranks third in the world in flower production

Kenya ranks third in the world in flower production after Colombia and Ecuador.....Read more.

Farming methods and practices go Hi-tech

Precision farming (PA) or satellite farming or site specific crop management (SSCM) is a farming management concept based on observing, measuring and responding......Read more.

Kenya ventures into the Far East markets

Kenya aims to increase its influence in the Japanese markets. Various traderelations are taking place including hosting Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) summit.....Read more.

Bigot Flowers Ltd grows nearby community besides flowers

The corporate world has moved from just money making endeavor to the improvement of the labour welfare and assisting of their neighboring society, in order to have a better yield of produce ...... Read more.

Efficient use of fertilizer can help feed growing population

Greenhouse farming is undergoing a dramatic change. Farmers are
exploring new forms of growing their produce such as vertical greenhouse farming, fertigation, aquaponics, sterilization..... Read more.

Young Turks invent new technologies for greenhouse farming

Kenya produce volumes of mangoes, however both domestic and export markets are not sufficiently supplied begging the question how can the mango potential be fully exploited... Read more.

Local vegetables booming in Africa

Today, the nutritional and environmental benefits of vegetables
are capturing the attention in Africa. The demand for vegetables
is increasing. Local vegetables are growing..... Read more.

Bananapack package,a new remedy to crop disease

Banana production in the Great Lakes Region is central to many livelihoods.It is the staple food and contributes greatly to national economies... Read more..

Providing Safe and Affordable Agro-inputs

Since its establishment,Agrichem Africa limited has devoted itself in providing safe,affordable and modern agro-inputs and crop protection products.This inputs help farmers...... Read more.

Service at the highest level in Cut flower production

When it comes to leading in production of Cut flowers,Chrysal comes first.This is as a result of valuable back up to support experience and knowledge as well as endless trials performed......Read more.

Flower farmers saving 30% fertilizers using Aquacheck

Flower farms throughout Kenya fertigate daily with 30-60 cubic metres per hectare.The amounts applied are roughly guided by an educated guess based on cloud cover... Click here for details

Carbon Reduction and Opportunities Toolkit.

Toolkit that measures water usage, energy consumption, and carbon emissions from the farm to market is now in operation to reduce the “carbon footprint” ... Read more.


Hortfresh Journal is a premier magazine that offers quality, informative and cost effective forum of interaction that results to more awareness. It ultimately is a magazine For Leads in Horticulture; connecting to exemplary products, markets, views, and opinions of the horticultural sector.

The magazine highlights issues in floriculture and horticultural industry both at national and international level, through publishing techniques, products as well as articles that are current in relation to growers, exporters and consumers.

Hortfresh is bi-monthly published and circulated to the stakeholders of the industry, including small and large scale growers of flowers fruits and vegetables, fresh produce exporters, Agrochemical industry, packaging companies, insurance firms, transport industry and motor vehicle industry among others.

Urban farming is the Solution to land Scarcity

Amid growing population every year, availability of land for food production is becoming a nightmare. This has prompted a number of
people to go back to the drawing board and reclaim .....
.Read more.

Sucker propagated Bananas, still a favorite of farmers.

Fruits and vegetablesprovide three to four times more income
cash than cereals. One of the commonly grown fruit by small scale farmers is Banana, which is grown .....Read more.

Major diseases affecting roses in Kenya

Rose flower production in Kenya is constrained by diseases such as powdery mildew, downy mildew and botrytis. Most of the..... Read more.

Deruiter seeks to further its responsible retailing

Red calypso Traditionally a strong stalwart member of the De Ruiter
portfolio. The growers often referred to the Red Calypso....Read more.

Fruit farming a prospective field in agriculture

With agriculture slowly taking shape as the potential self employment industry,Fruit farming is getting popular among a host of farmers.For instance,Pawpaw farming is very lucrative area to.... Read more.

Banana business put a smile on former tanker driver's face

.With the fervent to know the emerging agricultural entrepreneurs in Kenya, we meet Mr. Joseph Gitonga a former tanker driver in his Ruiga farm....... Read more.

Tuberose Smart farmer with a passion for farming

A former supplies officer with Government department, quit her job to venture into farming. Mrs. Myra Mucheru decided to get into floriculture upon knowing it is lucrative from a friend ...Read more.

Runnerbeans Njoroge's godsend gift

Mr. John Njoroge Mwaniki has taken advantage of the cold climatical conditions of the area to explore runner beans farming. He has several certificates from International accrediting bodies such as ...Read more.

A Tide change for Kenyan Macadamia

Kenya is sitting on a gold mine that if properly utilized would reap huge benefits for the country.For a long time,tea and coffee have been the major income for thousands of farmers,however they are.....Read more.

Harnessing Kenya's great production potential

.According to the National Potato Council of Kenya Chief Executive Officer Mr.Wachira Kaguongo, potato production can be increased if value addition and agribusinesses are optimized ....Read more.

The Youthful strawberry farmer

Youthful strawberry farmer,Njoroge Kibe who has defied all age odds to venture into farming answers a number of questions that a farmer is supposed to follow to achieve successful strawberry yield ....Read more

Improving methods of potato production

Ever seen giant potatoes suspended in the air?Gracefully simmering through a healthy mist,with thick green leavesand stems, yearning to
produce more where there is no soil in sighth.....Read more.

Red Lands Roses Leads in Ecological Energy Use

Energy plays a crucial role in development of economies. In Kenya, electricity and petroleum are the most critical energy sources and main drivers of socioeconomic...Read more.






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