Naivasha Horticultural fare2018 Successful


Thousands of flower stakeholders drawn from local and international sphere flocked the 16th edition of Naivasha Hortfair.

The successful event took place on 21st and 22nd of September, provided a great experience to flower growers, breeders, horticulturalists and farm input suppliers’, visitors and service providers, among others, were in attendance.

The Fair was graced by Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui and Naivasha MP Jane Kihara who unanimously hailed the sector for spurring the economy of Naivasha and Nakuru County at large.

MP, Jane Kihara, hailed the event organizers for developing a safe house for defiled boys and girls and promised to partner with them for expansion of the facility.

According to Lee Kinyanjui, there has been an upsurge demand of land in the region which has led to investors moving into others areas such as Njoro, Elburgon, Mau Narok among others for cultivation of flowers.

“We have set up an investor’s conference on 29th, November this year with all the stakeholders in this industry to try and harmonize some of the issues that have recently arisen and in the past,” Lee Kinyanjui said.

Richard McGonnell, the chairman of the fair, opined that the event was one of their best as it attracted participants from US, China, Europe and other parts of the world.

New farming technologies to save on water, energy and chemical use to boost productivity while reducing diseases were on display. Smallholder farmers also exhibited their products. BioLite Global exhibited BioLite Home Stove which burns wood to cook meals and also produce electricity which can be used for phone charging.

During the fair, 29 medium large cup and 36 large cup flowers participated in the ROOOZ 2018 contest. More than 300 of the flower stakeholders voted and winners announced by Bert Middelkoop of Zuurbier International and awarded as follows:

Medium cup consumer

  1. 215-267098 – WAC
  2. Veronica – Spek
  3. Pink Swift – WAC

Medium cup traders

  1. Veronica – Spek
  2. Antique – Dummen Orange
  3. Café del Mar – Nirp

Large cup consumer

  1. Raindance – Schreurs
  2. White Kahala –Brown Breeding
  3. Pink Journey – De Ruiter

Large cup traders

  1. White Kahala – Brown Breeding
  2. Hot Spot – Nirp
  3. Louise – Tantou

Overall trophy

  1. Veronica – Spek
  2. White Kahala – Brown Breeding
  3. Raindance – Schreurs
  4. 215-267098 – WAC
  5. Café del Mar – Nirp

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