De Ruiter Reveals a Strategy IFTEX 2017

Globalized Markets

The increasing Global Markets and Globalization has been continually an increasingly important aspect to growth and long term sustainability of the Kenya floriculture market. The continuity and quality improvements with increasing developments to the African Rose which now stands as a World leader in reaching the far flung corners of the Globe. This pride has seen a number of Kenyan, Tanzanian, Ugandan & Ethiopian companies supplying markets in the America’s, , Continental Australia, the Middle East, Japan, Malaysia and importantly China.

Product Development on a Global Stage

De Ruiter has and continues to strive in innovation and true to our vision ‘‘Creating Flower Business’’we remain stringently persistent. In continuing to develop strong platforms for product development. This product development
goes as far as global trends and demands. The continuity of supply into the Middle Eastern markets has seen increasing demand for Reds and Whites T-Hybrid premium quality; boasting of good vase life, particularly in Dubai. We have seen demands grow towards Rhodos, Ever Red and Proud. American and Canadian markets have seen increased demand for both Rhodos and Pink Rhodos, with development demand for soft pinks such as Wham and Celeb. Australia has seen interest levels in Ever Red increasing significantly as the discerning clients request much more in unlocking the beauty of Ever Red.

Tigers of East Asia, China, Malaysia & Japan

China promises to be a large and lucrative market that Kenya would like to most positively capitalize upon. Kenya has significant bilateral trade advantages and good national links with China, and that country currently plays a key role in the infrastructure development towards vision 2030. The possibilities and potential of the trade is significantly huge with a population of 1.4 billion people which creates a large demand. Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and many other major cities boast increasingly wealthy growing populations that have become discerning buyers of African Cut Roses and Flowers. This relatively young and developing market has the potential to develop, significantly change the market and create a carte blanch situation for our novelty, premium lines and the Brand African Rose.

According to the Commercial Director Mr. Edward Agg-Manning De Ruiter East Africa Japan and Malaysia has seen significant demand for Spray roses with movement in Snowy Bubbles, Zadique and especially the Bubbles lines. China has also been seeing increased interest in Ever Red, Proud and the Rhodos lines; Pink Rhodos & Lovely Rhodos. Navarra which is Bi Pink line is also gaining demand and is represented well from the Kenyan Highlands. Preserved roses in the form of prohpyta are significantly also experiencing rise in demand, with pastel mixes and pale pinks attracting many buyers.

Product Rose Market Collaboration

The collaboration of both Kenyan Highland roses and the premium lines out of Latin America, drive the potential for cross Atlantic collaboration in the eastern end markets. This further opens up the potential for product rose; a new and potentially large market outlet. The potential for web sales in this region are significant. Novelty lines and garden shaped roses have potential seen a number of niche lines finding increasingly growing demand. De Ruiter proudly launched the Expression lines with great success; Vuvuzela has been widely identified in markets across the Chinese sub-continent. This collaboration has proved successful in the past and continues to do so with examples such as MM UK, whose ability for the global rose industry to create a new and lucrative marketing platform has seen its inception.

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